How to Handle Pet Custody Battles in Divorce

white dog and gray cat hugging each other on grass

Unless your prenup specifies where pets will live following a divorce, it’s likely that you may have to figure out how to handle pet custody on your own. Recent celebrity divorce cases have included fierce battles over who keeps the dog. For example, ITV star Ant McPartlin and his former wife Lisa Armstrong required judicial […]

Recover Your Financial Health with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Medical Debt

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

Medical debt is one of the most overwhelming types of debt there is, and one of the most common reasons why individuals file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On top of the physical, mental, and emotional toll of battling disease or dealing with an accident, you’re left with a massive hospital bill you simply can’t afford. Perhaps […]

Bankruptcy options for the self employed

Facing the prospect of filing bankruptcy can be daunting. At a time when you’re under serious financial stress, you have to figure out if seeking legal protection from your creditors is the right move and what are the long-term effects of doing so. Your decision may be further complicated if you are self-employed as an […]

PG&E’s $58B Bankruptcy Plan Moves Closer to Approval

PG&E has proposed an approximately $58 billion-dollar reorganization plan that includes settlements exceeding $25 billion to resolve claims by wildfire victims and regulatory agencies. The plan anticipates relying in part on “critical protections” and support from Assembly Bill 1054 (“AB 1054”), which established a fund to help compensate covered wildfire victims.  However, in order to […]

Bankruptcy Venue Reform

Although the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is headquartered in Texas, it filed for chapter 11 in Delaware in February. That was permissible under existing bankruptcy venue rules because the BSA had created an affiliate in Delaware seventh months earlier. Unsettled by this apparent forum shopping, the Attorneys General of 40 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto […]